Future Residents

students in Traer
The housing application for new students will be available on March 1st!

You’re going to love living here

It’s one of the most exciting and scary times of your life. It’s time to choose your new home and meet the people you’re going to share it with!

Once you have applied AND made your enrollment deposit by May 31, you will receive your student ID. With your student ID, you’ll be able to apply for on-campus housing and make roommate requests. In mid-June, you’ll receive your housing assignment via your Oglethorpe email. The housing assignment will include your hall and room assignment, and the names and contact information for your roommate and suite mates.

Note: if you apply or deposit AFTER May 31, you will receive your housing assignment in mid-July.

Housing rates are listed with tuition & fees on the HUB website.