Planning For Your Arrival

Before You Move In

In Your Room

Each resident student is furnished with a twin bed (most beds on campus are twin XL), dresser, desk, and desk chair. Common rooms in Bowden-Magbee and Jobe-Hansen Halls also feature a couch, chair, coffee table, dining table, and 4 dining chairs.

Painting of residence hall rooms is not permitted.

Smoking is not permitted in any of the residence halls on campus at any time. Smoking is only allowed in the designated smoking areas on-campus, which does not include in any of the residence halls.

Rooms are seldom inspected for neatness, but students are expected to keep their room in a healthy and safe condition. The southern US is known for large and hungry bugs who enjoy visiting the student rooms that are not kept clean! Oglethorpe’s housekeeping staff will clean the bathrooms each month as long as the floors, counters, and sinks are free and clear of clutter – not many colleges offer such service.

In Your Residence Hall

All student rooms are wired for high-speed Internet accessibility, and also have access to Oglethorpe’s wireless network. Part of your tuition and fees covers an Oglethorpe email address and the student’s Internet access. The student will receive additional information about our campus network, online computer usage policies, and other important information upon their arrival.

Coinless (free!) laundry machines are located in each of the residential areas. Students should bring their own laundry supplies such as a hamper, detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, etc.

To take care of those late night hunger pangs, various soft drink and snack vending machines are located on campus, including in the residential areas of campus.

All of Oglethorpe’s residence halls are air-conditioned. More information about this service will be available upon arrival in the fall.

What should I bring?

It’s a good idea to ask some of your friends who may have recently attended college the same question. We also have some resources on our Pinterest boards. Do not forget to contact your roommate to avoid duplication!

Use common sense. Don’t even think about bringing any of the following items:
Weapons (guns, swords, knives, etc.), fireworks, appliances with open faced heating coils (such as toasters, toaster ovens) or heating plates, wireless computer routers, waterbeds, candles or incense, any pet other than fish, expensive jewelry or a lot of cash.

Here are a few ideas and suggestions from current Oglethorpe students (remember these items are NOT required).

To Keep Clean:
Laundry basket or bag
Fabric softener or dryer sheets
Bathmat and bathroom rugs
Personal toiletries
Aspirin, cold medicine, anti-itch cream, etc.
First Aid Kit
Shower caddy or shower organizer
Wastebasket (desk, bathroom, bedroom)
Small vacuum cleaner

For Your Bed:
Twin size sheets and mattress pad
(twin XL, fits an 80” mattress)

To Furnish Your Room:
Coat hangers
Alarm clock
Comfy seating like a futon, beanbag chair
Cushion for desk chair
Floor lamp
Area rug and welcome mat
Curtains and tension rod (there are blinds on all the windows)
Full-length mirror
Under-the-bed storage containers

For Preparing Meals:
Small refrigerator* (not bigger than 4.2 cubic feet)
Small microwave*
Automatic coffee maker* (please note that electrical appliances can not have open faced heating coils)
Microwavable dishes

For Fun:
TV (No cable access in dorm rooms)
TV stand
DVD player and movies
Board games

School Supplies:
Printer with ink cartridges*
Ethernet cord
Backpack or tote bag
Binders, notebooks, pens, pencils, etc.
3-hole punch

Good Things to Have:
Surge protector*
Reusable water bottle
Pictures of family and friends
Posters and pictures for your wall
Removable sticky squares for hanging posters (Command Strips)
Extension cord*
Bug Spray/Insect Repellent

An open mind, sense of humor, and a spirit of adventure!

*Look for a product with an Energy Star label


New students will not be able to see their assigned room before arriving on campus. Residence hall rooms are used during the summer by camps and for summer school students or may be undergoing cleaning and renovations. Campus tours are organized through the Admission office and include a look at the residence halls and an example of a room in the building. Please contact the Admission staff for more information about a campus tour.