Housing Selection

are you ready?

If you want to participate in priority on-campus housing selection, you must declare your intent. All returning students must tell us their housing plans via the housing intent form. Visit the Get Ready page for everything you need to do for fall!

Get Ready

Who’s eligible?

Only current full-time undergraduate day students who are eligible to be registered at Oglethorpe for the following academic year are able to participate in room selection. You must not have any “holds” on your account in order to select a room. You must register for classes by the specified deadline or you may be dropped from your selected room. Visit the Get Ready page for details on these topics.

All students are required to live on campus for three years, or to commute from the primary residence of a parent or guardian. Exceptions to this rule include an approved exemption from Residence Life (forms available online in eRezLife) or a signed lease from Gables. First-year students are not eligible to live at Gables. Transfer students’ residency requirements are determined by the number of credit hours they have completed at other institutions.

Themed Housing

Themed Housing is a new initiative from the Office of Residence Life. Students will be able to apply to live in a newly renovated space in Schmidt and Jacobs Hall. These spaces will include 4 large double bedrooms, a kitchenette and dining area, 2 full bathrooms, and a full living space designed for 8 residents. These spaces will be completed with modern amenities and will be priced at the Upper-Quad Double Price.

General Timeline:

  • Applications Open: March 22nd
  • Application Closes: April 9th
  • Question & Answer Period (A time to be available for additional questions from Residence Life): April 12th – 15th
  • Decisions Communicated: April 16th


  • 8 students that are eligible to live in upper-class housing
    • 2 alternate students in case of a change in housing plans
  • All students, including alternates, must have above a 2.5 GPA
  • A theme must be established that speaks to you, and your group of individuals
  • Sample themes are given below.
  • Required to meet with Residence Life once per semester to discuss upcoming plans and opportunities.
  • Must organize one event, one project, one service opportunity, or one campaign each semester that is open to the entire Oglethorpe Community that reflects your overall theme.
    • A budget of $250 per semester will be given to each group for this.

Ready to apply?

While the application is the only requirement to apply for themed housing, you are only limited by your creativity for the ways you would like to present your ideas. PowerPoint presentations, Prezi’s, or videos are allowed and encouraged to display your thoughts and ideas for themed housing.

Residence hall agreement

All students who select a room must electronically sign a “Residence Hall Agreement.” This agreement appears as the “terms and conditions” when completing an application in eRezLife. If you do not sign an agreement, your space will not be held. Please also note that the housing contract is binding for the entire academic year. Students who wish to cancel their contract prior to the start of the academic year will be subject to a contract breakage fee. Students who wish to cancel their contract after the start of the academic year will be charged a breakage fee and will be charged a daily prorated fee of room and board charges. Students are released, without penalty, only in the case of graduation and study abroad. There is no grace period for breaking the agreement. The agreement is considered binding once completed. If you sign an agreement and fail to occupy the space while enrolled, the university reserves the right to charge you for the space. Requests to be released from the contract must be submitted, in writing, to the Director of Residence Life. The exemption approval will be determined by a special committee that meets twice per month beginning in April.

Summer housing

Details are available on the summer school website.