Opening & Closing

Breaks and closings

BreakWill residence halls remain open?Will meals be served in the dining hall?
Fallyesyes, with a limited menu
Winterno, all students must leave campusno

If you are leaving over break:

  • Remove any trash or food from your room
  • Turn off all lights and turn heater down to 55 degrees.
  • Check to make sure window(s) and door(s) are closed and locked.
  • Shut drapes and/or blinds.
  • Unplug items that do not need to be plugged in (e.g., lamps, clocks, etc.).
  • If you have a vehicle on campus and will be leaving it over the break, park it in a well lit area and do not leave belongings in the vehicle.
  • During winter break, defrost any refrigerators and unplug all appliances.
  • If you have fish, please make sure to make arrangements for their care during the break.
  • Remove all valuables and any items that you think you will need during the Winter Break as you will not be permitted to return to the residence halls or Greek Row reslife.

If you are staying for break*:

Be extra aware in your community: make sure building entries are locked, know who is staying on your floor, and as you would normally do, do not allow strangers into your living areas.

If you need staff assistance during the break, please call 404-504-8520 or come by the Residence Life Office during operational hours. When the Residence Life Office is closed, please call your Resident Assistant Duty Phone or the University Campus Safety at 404-364-1998.

*Please note: Residence Halls close for winter break and all students must vacate their rooms during this time. 

Closing for the summer

  • Sign up for a checkout appointment with your RA.
  • Remove all of your trash and dispose of properly.
  • Clean the room, bathroom, and common space.
  • Place the University’s furniture in its original positions.
  • Turn in room key to RA after checkout.
  • Review this housekeeping expectations checklist

The RA for your area will be checking your room upon your departure to ensure that all of your items have been removed and that your room has been locked. You MUST properly checkout with your RA or else you will face disciplinary measures and/or fines.

Closing for the Spring

Residence halls generally close the first day after the last scheduled day of final exams.

Students participating in commencement activities generally are allowed to remain living on campus until the Sunday after commencement.

Few, if any, late stays are possible, but if you need to request to stay late, please complete the Stay Late Form.

No students will be approved to stay any later than the dates above. There is a $100 per day fee to stay late, unless you are volunteering at Commencement activities or another approved senior activity. If you are volunteering at Commencement, you will be contacted by a staff member; if you do not volunteer to help with Commencement or another senior event, you will be charged the $100 a day fee. Please contact [email protected] with any questions or request for additional information.