Room Changes


Oglethorpe University Residence Life is committed to providing each student with a safe, supportive, and welcoming living community. We encourage students to resolve differences and to grow through the roommate experience. If you are a student having a problem with your room or your roommate/suitemates(s), please do not hesitate to speak with your Resident Assistant or staff in our Residence Life office, as we are here to help you find solutions.

Standard room changes can be made after the first two weeks of each school semester. Students can request to be moved from their current room assignment to a vacant space elsewhere in on-campus housing. In general, room changes may be allowed for students if and when roommates are having adjustment problems that are not solvable and for other special circumstances. The Office of Residence Life must approve all room changes for on-campus housing, and submitting a room change request does not guarantee approval.

Students who change rooms without written permission from the Residence Life Office will be fined for improper checkout and be subject to additional disciplinary action; even if the change is within the same suite or apartment. A student who would like to request a room change should complete the Room Change Request Form, which is accessible through the online housing application website under ‘Housing’.

Once the request is complete, students will then be contacted (usually within seven to ten business days) as to whether or not their request has been approved. 

  • This is a request. We cannot guarantee that every student that requests a change will receive one. We will work with you to do the best we can.
  • Prior to a room change being approved, students are expected to have made a good faith effort toward resolving roommate issues or conflict. This includes direct communication with your roommates, discussing the situation with your Resident Assistant and professional staff members, and completing a roommate mediation if requested.
  • If you wish to swap rooms with someone, you both still need to complete a Room Change Request Form (indicating the specific swap request in the “reasons” section). Students may not simply change rooms by trading keys. Violation of this policy will result in fines and\/or disciplinary action.
  • Your student account will be updated to reflect the prorated difference in room cost for the new assignment (i.e. the nightly rate). This rate will be based on the date you check in to your new space. If you move to a more expensive room type, you will be responsible for those additional housing charges.
  • All housing charges\/credits will be automatically applied directly to your student account. You may contact Student Accounting to make payments or receive a refund if there is a credit on your account.
  • It may take up to 10 business days for any financial changes to be reflected on your student account.

If a room change request is approved, Residence Life will contact the resident to explain the details of how and when the room change will occur. In general this process involves the RA and professional staff, and residents are expected to complete their approved room change within 48 hours of the established date and time. Residents should also return their old room key by the deadline to avoid an improper checkout fee. After the room change has successfully been completed, the student’s account will be updated to reflect the prorated difference in room cost for the new assignment. In addition, any damages discovered upon check-out from the original assignment will also be billed to the student’s account.