Gables Brookhaven

Gables Brookhaven is an apartment complex directly adjacent to Oglethorpe’s campus.¬†Oglethorpe also has six classrooms in the Gables complex.

First-year students and transfer students entering Fall 2024 may not live at Gables. Returning students (classes 2024-2027) may lease an apartment at Gables to fulfill the remaining two years of their on-campus residency requirement. Students living at Gables must notify Oglethorpe of their plans during the housing selection process each spring.

The meal plan that is required of students fulfilling their living requirement at Gables is 10 meals/week. We pride ourselves on valuing the traditional, liberal arts residential experience and worked to find a way to honor student autonomy at Gables while also keeping them engaged with their other on-campus peers. We hope this will turn out to be a source of convenience for our students at Gables and help reduce other peripheral costs of apartment-style living.

Please note: All leasing for apartments at Gables Brookhaven is done thorough their office, not Oglethorpe. Please visit their website if you’re interested¬†in living there.