Greek Row

greek row

Housing on Greek Row is reserved for students who are active members of a Greek organization. First year students may not live in Greek housing.

Each spring, sororities and fraternities are required to submit lists of students who will be occupying the houses for the following academic year. House residents will not go through the traditional room selection process, but are required to submit an online housing application. Fraternity and sorority members should discuss the requirements for living in fraternity/sorority houses with their respective chapters.

Each house features four bedrooms with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. The houses also have an expansive common area in the basement and 1st floor laundry facilities.

Students living in residence halls and Greek Row single rooms receive an unlimited meal plan. Residents may enter the dining hall as many times as they would like whenever the dining hall is open. Residents of Greek Row who reside in a double room receive ten entries per week.

Get a glimpse at Greek Row in the 360┬░ virtual tour, and learn more about what it’s like to go Greek at OU on the Greek Life website!